About Us / Philosophy

From 1992 to date Felci Yachts has dedicated its attention to multiple typologies of yachts. Functionality, efficiency and performance are at the heart of all the company’s projects.

The competitive spirit the founding partners, Umberto Felci and Lorenzo Giovannozzi, have matured over years of racing in regattas at an international level and in the Olympic classes, has resulted in the development of offshore crafts and the creation of numerous “Open” dedicated to coastal regattas.

The early projects formed the launch pad for testing an enormous quantity of innovative solutions that soon proved to be winners, solutions that most people had up to then considered too risky to put into practice: the first models created entirely in pre-preg carbon, the first rigging with a totally new geometry, this, too, in carbon, revolving bowsprits, canting keels, adjustable canards and extremely light, compact monolithic structures-fitting out. The objective being maximum performance and efficacy.

Following the tremendous success of the famous UFOs, 22’ and 28’ One Designs which became highly popular in prestigious international championships, the Del Pardo and French Dufour shipyards entrusted Felci Yachts with the task of creating new, prestigious yachts.
Cantiere Del Pardo’s flagship, the first Grand Soleil 70 Custom Line was commissioned in the year 2000; in 2001 it was the turn of the resoundingly successful Dufour 40, a true shock to the world of mass production (as of today more than 600 examples have been sold) as well as the winner of an IMS World Championship; Felci Yachts is currently hard at work designing the whole new lines of Dufour Performance and Grand Large.

Work has continued on models designed for mass production whilst research has continued apace on aero- and hydrodynamic research and the very latest CFD studies.

Felci Yachts is currently elaborating some of the most elegant and innovative fast cruisers, built by the best Italian and international shipyards like. This combination between the characteristics of velocity, efficiency and management typical of a racer merge totally with the comfort, elegance and functionality of a yacht created exclusively for cruising. All this thanks to the ability to evaluate all those elements that make up the yacht and mix them in such a way as to be coherent with the main objectives.

If today we can proudly display such a wide and heterogeneous range of models this is due to the technical know-how and the cultural meeting between architects and engineers, combined with a deep nautical culture common to the designers in Felci Yachts, which is the key element in finding the correct solutions to a project that is often, quite rightly, considered an art form.