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Arch. Umberto Felci

Umberto Felci was born in Milan in 1964. His overwhelming passion for sailing developed on Lake Garda. He took part in his first regattas in 1978, in 1980 he was invited to be a part of the national 420 youth team.
Right from the outset his interest went beyond the purely competitive aspect of yachting and his attention began to focalize on the technical-constructive aspects.

During his last years in high school he took part in the construction of several racing yachts built in lamellar and carbon fiber and he built some scaled sailing models. In 1985 he became a member of the 470 high specialization team, racing in both national and International competitions and always finishing among the first positions, whilst continuing to develop a multitude of ideas and projects, all aimed at improving the performance of his 470.

But it was at the Milan Polytechnic where Umberto deepened the study of the physics of sails and started off on the research into the technical-construction aspects and. This extremely intense activity reached its apex in 1989 with his participation in a final Olympic quadriennium and his university degree with honours in architecture: his thesis was based on the application of composite materials in the nautical sector. Thanks to this specialization and his abilities as a helmsman and technician Umberto formed part of the team of “Il Moro di Venezia” team’s challenge for the America’s Cup, a challenge which saw them finalists 1991. Having concluded this important experience he decided to continue his design activity autonomously. In the early phase of his career he designed several boats in lamellar wood, to returning totally to the most advanced applications of composite technology.

In 1993 he designed and built the first Italian Mini Transat, Te’ Salt, sponsored among others by Montedison, which was placed third at her debut in the French Championship.
He was involved as designer, builder and sailor in his first yachts because he wanted to examine every detail in depth, since he was fully aware of the importance of a correct set up and team management if one wanted to get results.

Arch. Umberto Felci

Along side his design activities, he has been collaborating with Milan Polytechnic in the fields of yacht design, since 1997.
He met Lorenzo Giovannozzi in 1998 and together in 2001 they founded FELCI YACHTS, a design and engineering firm which, right from the outset, has continually developed an incredible quantity of designs in the different yacht categories.

Ing. Lorenzo Giovannozzi

He was born in Milan in 1969. He started sailing in racing dinghies as a child and became fascinated with everything nautical, from the boats themselves to navigation. After obtaining his high school diploma he decided to enrol in the Faculty of Aeronautical Engineering at Milan Politechnic so that he would be able to study in depth the world of both aero and fluid dynamics, as well as structural planning using composite materials. He continued his racing activities both in dinghies and catamarans side by side with ever more challenging offshore navigation, taking advantage of every opportunity to weigh anchor.

He graduated in 1994 with a thesis about thermal stress and the viscous-elastic effects on composite materials. He started collaborating straight away with various naval architectural firms as a hydro-dynamic structures and appendices designer; he also worked in the research departments of firms producing components in plastic materials.

In 1998 he was invited to attend a specialization course in yacht design at the Università degli Studi in Florence and here he met the naval architect Umberto Felci, with whom he began an intense and fruitful cooperation, leading to the founding of FELCI YACHTS.

Since then he has dealt with all aspects of planning, tackling them with his usual rigour and scrupulousness, whether it be hydro-dynamics, structural and production planning or composite and formal development.

Ing. Lorenzo Giovannozzi

Ing. Guillaume Petit

After leaving high school in ’98 he took part in the sailing course in Les Glénans, fell in love with this sport and chose to direct his training as an engineer towards naval architecture. He graduated in 2003 in Naval Engineering at the ENSTA in Paris, integrating his studies with new sailing experiences and participating in regattas. During his studies he attended a specialization stage at the Research Centre of Fluid Dynamics CRAIN in La Rochelle. He has been part of the Felci Yachts Design technical team since 2004.


Arch. Gabriel Treddenti

In 2001 he graduated in Naval Architecture at the National University of Quilmes in Argentina. During his university studies he attended some courses at the Oceantech Naval shipyard and later in Salvador de Bahia in Brazil he contributed to the design and to the construction of the 72-foot catamaran “Pure Adrenaline”, gaining valuable experience in the practical field. He has been part of the Felci Yacht Design technical team since 2003.


Dott.ssa Elda Cortinovis

She is a graduate in Business Economics and following a few years in Budget review in KPMG, she left to work in Administration in an International Engineering firm, as well as launching design activities with Umberto Felci. In 2001, together with Felci and Giovannozzi, she became a founder member of Felci Yacht srl., where she is head of the administration department and is also responsible for the press office and web management.


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