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Fully immersed in this passion for our profession we have continued to present new ideas in a perennial search for the highest quality so we, too, are quite surprised at the amount of work we have created.

I believe this passion will also serve as further incentive for e challenges and the creation of yet more projects that are innovative but at the same time remain true to our origins as sailors and yacht designers.

If today we can proudly display such a wide and heterogeneous range of models this is due to the technical know-how and the cultural meeting, Due to a deep nautical culture common to the designers in Felci Yachts, which is the key element in a profession that is often, quite rightly, considered an art form.

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Our Youtube Channel


Design and project managements of special components

Composites structural engineering

VPP and CFD hydrodynamic analysis

Rating optimization

Project managements of Custom Yachts

Production optimization process

Rotational and thermo plastic molding modeling

3d complete modelinga

Photorealistic internal and external renderings and movies